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Ragtime Links

RagFest and OCRS Venues

Curtis Theatre - http://curtistheatre.com/

Bradford House - http://www.thebradfordhouse.info/

Nixon Library - https://www.nixonlibrary.gov/

Muckenthaler Cultural Center - http://themuck.org/


Heliotrope Ragtime Orchestra of San Diego - http://sandiegoragtime.com/

Ragtime History

Perfessor Bill Edwards's pages - http://www.perfessorbill.com

Allied Ragtime Organizations

Rose Leaf Ragtime Club - http://www.roseleafragtimeclub.com/

West Coast Ragtime Society - http://www.westcoastragtime.com/

Sacramento Ragtime Society - http://www.sacramentoragtime.com/

A New Biography of Joseph F. Lamb

A new biography of Joseph F. Lamb was published by McFarland in 2012. The book is “Joseph F. Lamb: A Passion for Ragtime” by author Carol J. Binkowski. Carol is an essayist, book reviewer and non-fiction writer who lives in Bloomfield, NJ. Her work has appeared in the New York Times and The Washington Post. Although she is fairly new to ragtime, Carol is a pianist with a fine appreciation for the details of Lamb’s life. The book is a fascinating read, and it includes a wonderful foreword by two of Lamb’s children, Patricia Lamb Conn and Robert J. Lamb. The book, which retails for $35, can be ordered at McFarland’s website, www.mcfarlandpub.com. Amazon www.amazon.com and Barnes & Noble www.bn.com offer it at the same price but without shipping charges.

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